For thousands of years, enlightened teachers from different faiths, brilliant philosophers, mystics, shamans and sages have all been trying to share an important message with us: our perception of separation is an illusion.  

In this extraordinary web of life, we are connected to everything. We are one.

And now quantum physics is providing the same messageā€¦ describing how subatomic particles, once joined together and then separated, behave in a nonlocal way instantaneously communicating information and impacting each other over great distances. These entangled particles are essentially still a single entity, even though they have been separated.

The entanglement principle helps frame our unusual experiences . . . of knowing who is on the phone before we answer it or perceiving something about a person who is miles away. Nonlocal connections exist because we are entangled.

How can this happen?

All form and matter in the universe originated from the same point of singularity. (The Most Astounding Fact video)

We are all entangled. 

We are connected by both the origin of our consciousness and by the atoms that create our physical form.

Quantum physics demonstrates how the act of focusing our attention changes the way the world behaves around us. The behavior of subatomic particles, the building blocks of matter all around us, is altered by the act of our observation. As the double slit experiment shows, photons and electrons have one way of behaving when they are not being studied (they have interference impact patterns of waves moving through both openings simultaneously). However, they have an entirely different impact pattern when they are being measured to determine through which of the two openings they travel. When they are being observed, the quantum waves collapse and the photons and electrons select one opening through which to travel, creating an impact pattern of individual particles hitting the screen.

Science is providing evidence of the participatory nature of the universe in which we live. Consciousness is a creative force that alters the reality we experience.

Each thought we have is energy that can create form and help manifest the reality we desire. 

As quantum physics reveals, subatomic particles exist in multiple positions in the quantum wave until an observation is made and an outcome is selected. Each thought we have selects a choice point as our attention/intention/focus collapses the sea of possibilities into a single outcome. Collectively, when we focus together and intentions are aligned, we magnify the selection of a desired possibility. (The Science Behind the Secret, Travis Taylor)

As Paul Levy describes in Quantum Revelation, "Quantum physics is pointing at the primacy of consciousness for how our moment-to-moment experience manifests, thereby illuminating the immensity of our inherent power to create our world more consciously. If recognized and understood by the general population, the revelations of quantum physics would be naturally used for the liberating purposes for which this knowledge is tailor-made."

We are beginning to realize the power we have to collectively focus our thoughts on desired outcomes for our planet. Several different groups (including the Global Coherence Initiative and The Intention Experiment) are guiding thousands of people to meditate and visualize solutions for global challenges and injustices. Peace Intention Experiments have guided thousands of people to meditate and visualize peace for war-torn areas and have documented measurable reductions in violence, injuries and casualties for these locations. (Peace Intention Experiment Results)

For many years, an organization called the Institute of Noetic Sciences has been studying the nature of consciousness and our ability to connect with each other and the universe in ways we have yet to understand. 

Research using random number generators has documented the power of our collective thought and emotion prior to and during significant world events. These studies are providing evidence of our collective awareness before world events happen... (Global Consciousness Project Video

Rigorous studies are also providing statistically significant evidence of the power we have to use our thoughts to impact the physical world around us. (Men Who Stare at Photons Video)

What will this mean when we wake up from our collective dream of separation? We will begin to realize that when we direct harmful thoughts, words and actions toward others, we receive them ourselves because there is no "other".  We are one. And since our thoughts are energy that can create form, we have collective power to co-create the world we long to have.

As many wise people have shared, the key is to imagine with the gratitude of already having that which we desire, as if it is already here.

Let's imagine a planet that is peaceful and loving, abundant, healthy and safe for all.

As we imagine the reality we choose with the emotion of it already existing around us, we select it from the quantum field of possibilities. When we select the possibility of a healthy, peaceful and compassionate planet, we will co-create this reality.

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