Important Topics

The Power We Have

Results of the 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment - by Lynne McTaggart

Experiments testing models of mind-matter interaction - by Dean Radin Ph.D. - Journal of Scientific Exploration

Double Blind Test Effects of Distant Intention on Water - by Masaru Emoto, Gail Hayssen, Takashige Kizu and Dean Radin Ph.D. - Journal of Science and Healing - January

The Power of our Minds: Our Thoughts Impact and Alter the Physical World Around Us - Dean Radin, PhD

Random event generators: correlations of continuous random data with major world eventsby R. Nelson, D. Radin, R. Shoup and P. Bancel - Foundations of Physics Letters 

New Energy Technologies

Building a New Future for Humanity / The Nature of Reality Workshop: August 5, 2023  - Nassim Haramein, International Space Federation

You Could Soon Produce Green Hydrogen Energy to Power your Home - The Optimist Daily

Future Energy Technologies - Tom Valone, PhD at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference

Feasibility of Extracting Zero Point Energy  - Tom Valone, PhD at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference

New Energy and Healing Technology: Integrity Research Institute - Tom Valone, PhD

Zero Point Energy - Dr. Thorsten Ludwig - Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference

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