First Clues

“I’m seeing a man wearing a blue uniform shirt who's taking Gus for walks. It’s not a police uniform but it’s some type of work shirt. And I see Gus going for rides in a car and there’s a woman with brown hair.”

Ginny’s words released Don from his despair and ignited a possibility that Gus was alive and receiving wonderful care from someone. For the last four days, he had been searching, talking with people in the area, and posting flyers with a photo of Gus that listed a reward of $500.

He asked if she could provide information about his location, something she had mentioned in an earlier phone call.

“I saw a location this morning but I’m going to check again later—I need to make sure he’s still in the same place before you go there because he may have moved." Don wanted to insist that she share her first impression but he remained silent.

A long painful coughing spell came through the phone.

“I need to get some rest and I’ll check on him again this afternoon,” Ginny said.

He wished her well and said goodbye with a disappointment that felt heavier. He tried to fill his time with different tasks as the afternoon extended into evening. After dinner he texted her again asking if she had been able to focus on the location for a second time.

“I’m really sick,” she texted back. “I’ll let you know as soon as I can.”

He struggled to contain his impatience, knowing she would call when she could. The stillness in the house echoed the absence of a much loved companion.

He headed out the next morning, returning to Budaghers and slowly drove along rural roads with his window open, calling for Gus, watching for any sign. He pulled up to a man and woman walking along the road and asked if they had seen a small white dog. With kindness and concern they said no, and conveyed they would keep their eyes open. Don told them about the reward posters hanging at exits along I-25.

Hours later, his cell phone rang and he grabbed it. After battling a high fever and bad cough for twenty-four hours, Ginny had found enough energy to dowse again a location and identified a series of structures enclosed in a chain link fence behind a large casino off I-25. 

He was filled with a mix of hope and curiosity and tried to organize the flood of thoughts and questions streaming into his mind. He asked how she was able to perceive information about people or pets that were in places unknown to her. 

“It’s a combination of practices,” she answered. “Sometimes information comes to me in a dream and then I let it incubate to see what else comes to me. I can ask a question about a missing person or animal and I get an image or the name of a street—and then I use a 360 approach to expand the view in every direction to get more detail. Sometimes I use a pendulum for yes/no answers to questions and I also use it to find a geographic location over a map. This is what I did for Gus.” 

Don was filled with gratitude—for her abilities and her help and the possibility that Gus was safe. His voice cracked as he thanked her. He looked toward the west where the sun was slowly moving toward the mountains and knew he would need to wait until morning. 


When she was seven, Ginny and her four siblings were running from a babysitter they didn’t like when she climbed through a barbed wire fence on a property near their home and a sharp edge caught the top of her head, slicing open a four-inch gash.

Her overwhelmed and irritated babysitter barely cleaned the wound before putting her in bed. The pain was unbearable. Tears streamed across her face, mixing with blood that was still flowing from her head. She felt like she was going to faint.

Feeling alone with her injury and alone in the world, she began to pray as a seven year old prays, asking God over and over again to please help her and save her. Soft voices entered her room and she thought her parents were coming in. She opened her eyes and watched a strange man and woman walk through the door wearing long white monastery clothing.

Was she dying she wondered? Had her parents contacted the church to send a priest to give her last rites?

Strangely, she wasn’t afraid—she was comforted by the presence of the couple.

They told her they were her parents from a previous life in China.

They took her mind back to the town where they lived in a large monastery in a mountain area where they rode mules and horses for transportation. She saw the monastery being overcome in a war between the Japanese and Chinese. The year felt like 1938, the war of Nanjing. She remembered being a child and running to her parents to tell them the buildings were on fire. She could hear shooting...

Ginny felt gentle movements around the top of her head as the couple spoke quietly. Her pain diminished and a sense of peace and comfort settled around her. The couple expressed their love for her and said her life would change at the age of twenty-seven.

As she grew up, she watched her father use his dowsing abilities to locate objects in ways that were difficult for many to understand. Over the years, her own gifts of knowing continued to develop.

When she was a young teenager, her dad handed her a deck of regular playing cards and asked if she could use them to provide information about a friend of his who was visiting. She wasn’t sure what she was doing, but she spread the cards out on a table, trying to open her awareness to any perceptions they might provide—and began to see visions that related to the life of the man sitting across from her. She described events he was able to confirm and then she told him his wife was going to become pregnant with a son, and he was going to become very involved with baseball. Within a year, his wife gave birth to a baby boy.

During her twenty-seventh year, Ginny became extremely ill and spent days in the hospital with a kidney infection and 104 degree fever. As high doses of antibiotics flowed through an IV to help her fight the infection, she felt herself rise out of her physical body and could see herself lying in the bed attached to the IV and monitors.

A female came to her and guided her to a tiny Japanese woman who said she was her grandmother from a previous life.  Ginny was filled with powerful emotions and memories as her grandmother showed her a home, high on a hill where they had lived together.  Scenes of lessons played before her—learning to write Japanese symbols in columns on a page and being shown the importance of growing food and flowers.

For what felt like hours, the guide took her from one person and scene to the next. Everyone was wearing white robes. At times Ginny could hear soft beautiful music playing and at times, she was immersed in silence.

A combination of attentive medical care and love from those seen and unseen helped her kidneys recover and she was released from the hospital. She stepped back into her life with a new understanding of the nature of reality and a deeper connection to all that is.

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