Life is but a Dream

On Tuesday nights, a group of like-minded souls come together to help each other shape the reality they choose. They are a circle of individuals who are fascinated by the nature of consciousness. 

I am grateful to be a member of this group of people I have grown to love. We may be considered by family and friends as a bit outside the box, which suits us all just fine. Our homes are distributed across the U.S. and Canada and once a week, our hearts come together to share an intention for the health concern of a loved one or for challenges in our world.

They had been meeting for over a year when I found them on Lynne McTaggart’s website which lists groups of eight based on her book The Power of Eight.

A video conferencing technology hosts the meeting for us but the real platform is the way our hearts connect through a shared intention for several minutes, using visualization and holding gratitude that it's being brought into being. 

Lynne’s first book, The Field, provided a fascinating description of concepts I had been experiencing for yearsAs an investigative reporter, she has a gift for breaking down the complexities of quantum physics and consciousness research to bring their empowering message to the masses—describing how our thoughts help choose the reality we experience. For over a decade, she has led intention experiments with thousands of people meditating, visualizing, and holding thoughts for preferred changes in our world.

Soon after I joined, we held intentions for a member’s sweet four-year-old nephew who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor behind his right eye. We meditated and sent an intention for a complete recovery for Jimmy, that he would be healthy in all ways as we held the emotion of gratitude while visualizing this reality.

He underwent a delicate nine-hour surgery to remove the tumor that was dangerously close to his optic nerve. Even though the surgery was a complete success, the nerve had been injured by the tumor and his doctors conveyed that his sight would be impacted for the rest of his life.

Since every possible state simultaneously exists in the quantum wave, and it’s the act of our observation that helps select the choice point, we chose to visualize a complete recovery for Jimmy’s right eye. After a few months, his eyesight with glasses was restored to 20/25.

Over the years, our group has focused heartfelt intentions for family members struggling with substance addiction, pets facing different health concerns, and for loved ones diagnosed with cancer. 

We have also held intentions for family and friends experiencing fertility issues. A niece of one member had been trying to conceive for years and a close friend of another member had been experiencing repeated miscarriages, unable to carry to full term. During different sessions, we held states of gratitude and visualized these women experiencing healthy pregnancies and holding beautiful healthy babies in their arms. Within fourteen months, these heartfelt prayers and intentions became reality.


My throat held my emotions as I emailed our group to request their help, asking them to send intentions for Gus to be safe and be found. Within just a few minutes, our resident animal whisperer responded by saying she was on it—and she was asking her precious dog Daisy to watch over Gus until he was back home. Tears filled my eyes. Daisy had passed just a few months before and I knew the powerful connection between her and Carol.

As someone who believes in our ability to select a preferred outcome from the field of possibilities, there’s nothing better than knowing others are joining your efforts. Within just a few hours, I received emails from everyone in our group—each one saying they were focusing on a safe return for Gus.

I can’t describe how grateful I felt for their help and how much their support fueled my belief in the possibility—the choice point in the quantum wave—that Gus was safe and coming home. Many family members and friends were also praying and sending their heartfelt wishes for this outcome. It was the reality we were all choosing.

But where was he? How could we find him? It felt like he was just beyond our reach.

Ginny continued to send brief texts with perceptions she was receiving while she fought the fatigue of her pneumonia. She had been able to search again, tapping into the infinite field of consciousness and saw a strip mall with a vape shop and a small convenience store. She felt the people caring for Gus were stopping there to make purchases.

Don knew the location she was describing—he had already visited both stores to ask if anyone had seen Gus. Staff at both locations had been kind and offered words of encouragement but no one had seen him.

The reward posters were becoming more visible and growing in number. Don was working with a local print shop to use larger cardstock and laminated them for protection from the elements. They were hanging at many exits on I-25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

But he wondered. . . if someone had adopted Gus, would they call if they saw a sign? Ginny said she was working on the couple, sending intentions for them to do the right thing and return him when they became aware of the search.

Even though we had not received a confirmed sighting, it felt like the construction of a critical mass was underway, a small army of heart-focused believers were helping to build a structure for the outcome we were selecting.  Each night we prayed with gratitude that Gus was receiving wonderful care and each morning we woke up wondering if today would be the day.

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